Cloud Strife (soldierrebirth) wrote,
Cloud Strife

Drugs are bad for Cloud

I bet I can remove a woman's panties without removing any other articles of clothing. Wanna see?
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Cloud!!! I....I....


I MEAN!!! I...

I'm over Rufus' right now! You're lucky he's sleeping!!!!
Oh... reeeeeealllllly?

I should be sleeping too, but I wanted to message you. Did you like it?

OH! I can message Rufus too.

Did I like it? I'd like you to prove it.

And say what!? "I'm trying to seduce your girlfriend?" That would go over well!
I would prove it if I could use my arms... sooooo, you'll have to imagine.

No, no! I'll take off his panties too!
I can take a raincheck...Imagining just isn't as fun. Plus, I'll neve rbelieve you until you prove it to me.

*blink* Um, I don't think he'd appreciate that as much as I would, Cloud.
Okay... I found lint under my bed. I can prove it! I can! But... I can't remember where I was going with my thought...

But I bet the look of surprise on his face! It would be worth it. I think we'll get along just great!
Wow, those are some happy drugs that they're giving to you. I'll save the text messages so you can live up to your word.

I mean....AH! I'm horrible!!!! You're going to get me in so much trouble!

He would freak out, Cloud, don't you dare! He's sleeping anyway. You don't want to wake him up!!
Doc gave me the special ones 'cause I tried to stand up... I see technicolour.... Save and restart upon death!

You're a naughty girl... you should be punished...

You would love to see us bond like men! Manly men!
You tried to stand!!! Talk about someone who needs to be punished!!!! Just wait until I get my hands on you.

Yes. Definitely saving these text messages.

Bonding by taking off his panties? Couldn't you just...shake hands or talk about Jenova? Please don't take off my boyfriend's underwear before I do. *dies*
Mmmmm, what are you going to do to me when you get your hands on me? Do I get a *spanking*? Am I naughty too....?

I like saving. I want a save point in my bedroom.

He can take off my panties after I take off his! It would be bonding! Man bonding. I bet Rufus has a nice ass... *giggles*
You might get more than that. Just keep thinking happy thoughts....because yes,you are naughty for talking to me like this. But I like it, so it's all good. point? What are you talking about?

I just hope I'm there when when it happens.

It's good to see tha tyou're smiling and stuff. For a while there, I thought that someone would compose a song dedicated to you smiling.
Oh~? What more can I get? Tell me! Do you want me to go if it's bad that I'm talking to you? I can stare at the ceiling if you want... oh, the colours.

Save! Save!

I'll take pictures to prove that we can get along. You'll be proud of me!

There's a song dedicated to me? Maybe... "I'm sexy, you want it?"
See, it's one of those things where I have to show you what I mean. It's not very fun if I tell you. But...I do believe we have whipped cream in the fridge....

No, you don't have to go. I'm up now. You're entertaining me quite a bit, you know.

yes, Cloud. I'm saving all of these. That way when you aren't drugged up, you can read them and blush. I love watching you blush.

Please do. I will cherish them for life.

Or, "Look I'm standing naked before you, don't you want more than my sex? I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence...." Maybe something like that?
So... when are you coming home so you can beat show me? Can I have Jell-O with my whipped cream?

It hurts when I laugh too hard and I feel like I'll pass out. Is that okay?

I don't blush! I get coloured... like a tan but indoors!

I have a camera on my phone~!

... *long pause* I don't see you. Where are you and where is the sex?
I'll be home in the morning probably. You just want Jello? What about me? *innocent smile*

No! Don't pass out! I can let you go if you need me too. Where's Zahna?

You do too blush, and it's adorable.

You should just use a videocamera so you can catch it all. Oh that's right, you do have a camera on your phone. I'm surprised you haven't sent me erotic pictures of yourself yet, ha. That would be fantastic blackmail.

*giggles* I'm still over Rufus', Cloud. Which reminds me, what would you do if someone, who is so not me, accidently on purpose borrowed Fenrir without asking? Just a question...


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