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Zahna is gone. She had to go back to Costa Del Sol to help her father out in the hotel because her mother has fallen sick. I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling at this point since... I just don't know anymore. I will miss her, and I will miss Cabbage too. We'll keep in touch, I know... it will be different not always taking care of her all the time and training with her.

We came to a mutual agreement that our relationship as far as dating went was over, but I do want to keep in touch to be friends with her. I told her about loving Tifa, and she... well, she took it fairly well (as well as can be expected).

I feel different being single again. We had good times, and I will always remember them. I am glad that she is going back to see her parents, since family is very important. I just hope that they stop bugging her all the time and let her do her thing.

I love her, and I love Tifa. It's nice to be able to write that and not have guilt about it.

Right... time to get out of this really tight leather. I like being off duty for once in my life... I have 12 new phones numbers now. This is so awesome.
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