Cloud Strife (soldierrebirth) wrote,
Cloud Strife

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On Training Mission

I love you and miss you. I'll keep in touch and talk to you soon. Training is going well, and I hope you are keeping busy without me.


I hope that things are going well where you are, and I'm just checking in like I promised to let you know that I'm doing well and still training. I'll keep in touch when I can. Chin up.


All your air ducts belong to us.

Keep me informed on progress. I'll be back as soon as my training is finished. If there is any trouble, I will come back as well.

Keep up with the training and take care of the family while I'm gone. Be home soon.

I know something you don't know... do da do da. I know something you don't know... do da do da day.

I wonder how much damage the rotor of a helicopter does to a flying space child.
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