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Progress Report

((SUMMARY: For reference on Cloud's current condition... and some morbid doctor/nurse humour going on about a certain someone staying close to Cloud))

The blonde looked unhappy, if that was at all possible given the deep – nearly comatose – sleep he had entered the day before. There was a definite down turn to the sleeping blonde’s lips, almost enough show a small frown of displeasure. Such things were ridiculous as the man laid out on the bed was still bearly alive enough to even think of anything but pain.

Still, Jezobelle couldn’t help but feel the blonde was showing some sign of the humiliation on what was happening. Bandage changes twice a day, catheter making everything so embarrassing, infection along the lashes of his back and now his wrists, and now, repairs to popped stitches that had come about from flipping him over. If the blonde was awake, she had a feeling he would be gruffly indignant and pouting in his misery.

As it was, he was not awake, the pain-killers in his IV bags making the pain less enough that restful sleep could be acquired. Even so, his resilience astounded her because he stubbornly would not lie still all the time when they were there. Every time she came to clean his wrists, a hand would lift as if to touch her or offer his hand for holding. Sometimes, she would get a groan of pain or a soft whimpering noise from the blonde, but he never once opened his eyes.

Looking down at him lay on his stomach while the doctor repaired a few stitches across the blonde’s shoulders, Jezobelle had found a fondness for this Cloud Strife. He was stubborn, too stubborn to die. Even cleaning his infected back of pus and lightly oozing blood, he lay quiet and took his furthering punishment without complaint.

She felt bad for the woman who normally sat with Cloud. The woman seemed very upset with his condition and lack of wakefulness, but the blonde needed time to heal up enough. Still, it was very difficult to watch a close friend – possibly lover, she couldn’t tell – ailing in such a manner, especially when there had been so little hope that Cloud would survive the first night.

The blonde was on his third day, and still alive enough to continue healing. Even if the long lines of lashes were red and hot to touch, there was an odd persistence about Cloud that she had noticed. She couldn’t help notice that he looked very much alone lying around waiting for wounds to heal up and possible consciousness to be regained.

It was strange how his body stubbornly refused to lie still either. Most patients would be silent, unmoving, and mere lumps of flesh on a bed. Muscles relaxed, bodily functions happened as they came, and the mind was silent… but Cloud seemed opposite to that very set of rules. He twitched and his muscles trembled under his skin, on the move clenching and relaxing every once in awhile. It was terrible to try and empty his ailing bladder as he stubbornly refused until she thought she might hurt him by pushing down on his abdomen and scolding him for being difficult. His mind, though, was silent, and he showed no sign of waking.

The doctor was amused when she had to fight with Cloud over such simple functions, and how she scolded him when his body was not behaving as it should. The doctor simply called the blonde ‘a special case of stubborn human will’. As frustrating as it could be, it simply increased that chances that Cloud would once again awaken and that his body was making the slow process of recovering itself.

“Jezobelle, let’s sit him up and bandage him again. He’s all fixed up again and good as new,” the doctor said and she smiled and nodded her head.

It was difficult with Cloud’s rather dead-weight leaning heavily on them, but it was a routine that they both had gotten used to. The infection was not getting worse on his back, and the antibiotics appeared to be fighting it well enough. She hoped that it would get better so that the stitches and wounds could heal up nicely because, as it was, he had done very little healing on his back and arms.

“Doctor, he’s not been babied like you said he would,” she said softly as she passed the bandage to the doctor who in turn passed it back to her and they quickly rebandaged the blonde’s back and chest. “I think we should have made a bet on that as I would be winning.”

The doctor laughed at her, and they slowly flipped the blonde over again lie comfortably again. “Not been babied? If this man was in a hospital, his friends would be ushered out at the stroke of nine, but have you seen that one? She’s here when we arrive and back in when we leave, and by the look of her, I don’t think she’s slept. I don’t think she will sleep until this one’s eyes open, either.”

Jezobelle pouted a little and changed the bandages on Cloud’s legs, noting the trembling muscles under her hands. She sighed and nodded her head a little. “Alright… maybe you are winning. I hope she doesn’t run herself into the ground as it will be no help to him when he does awaken.” She pushed the blonde’s leg up and began wrapping.

“Oh, no worries about her, Jezobelle. That, my friend, is Tifa Lockheart. I hear she goes back a long way with our boy, and I should think she wishes to spend time with him while he’s quiet and won’t argue with her,” the doctor said with a chuckle as he checked the blonde’s soft breathing and throat for infection.

“Ah, I thought it was her, but she still won’t help him by exhausting herself,” Jezobelle said as she moved to the other leg.

The doctor snorted softly and simply said, “she fights with her fists, that one. YOU can be the one to tell her to leave his side for rest, and I will stand by with this old body and mop you up after.”

They both laughed and shook their heads almost simultaneously at the morbid humour. The blonde groaned and shifted, and they had to stop their humour at the raspy noise that left his throat and the near sickening cough that followed.

“Pneumonia will kill him…” Jezobelle said softly.

“He will pull through, Jezobelle. He’s beaten the odds already,” the doctor replied just as softly.

“He can’t seem to get a break, can he?”

The doctor snorted softly and bandaged up the blonde’s throat and chin again. “Heroes don’t get breaks, I’m afraid. There is always someone to save in this world.”

“I wonder what he’s thinking…”

“Probably that this is the worst vacation ever,” the doctor replied and decided it was best to check the blonde’s body temperature. It was stable, and that pleased him greatly. The blonde seemed to be able to maintain body heat again, but he now worried the blonde’s infection would cause fever.

They finished up with the last of their duties and Jezobelle wrapped the blonde in blankets again, tucking him in close and sighing when a hand lifted slightly from the bed. She gently pushed it back down and stood up, pulling off her gloves and setting them in the waste basket.

“Maybe we can finally clothe him a little soon?” Jezobelle couldn’t help but feel that having the blonde completely nude under the blankets would startle someone if they suddenly tried to look at all of his wounds.

The doctor just chuckled and filled out the progress report sheet. “I should think that people would be terribly amused by the sight. It’d be quite the surprise that no one expects.”

“I thought we were trying to keep his life and dignity?”

“Come now, Jezobelle. You make it sound like the people who would actually look haven’t already seen him in his glory. Besides, clothing him now would give him bed sores, and he has enough to deal with at the moment.” The doctor finished writing and set down the sheet, casting one last glance over at the blonde. “Let’s leave him be. He has much rest to get, and I hate to make Tifa Lockheart or anyone else wait much longer.”

“Of course, doctor,” she said and calmly followed him out of the room. They would come back later in the evening.
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